Blogging for people in a hurry

Do you love your website’s blog or does it just make you feel guilty? If you struggle to find time to keep your blog up to date here are five quick hints for easy blogging:

1 You only need 300 words.

That’s not a rule but 300 words make for a tasty morsel to tempt a reader. If you have lots more words to say, how about splitting them into two or more linked posts? Or maybe you’re just waffling. Be brutal, cut the flab. We’ll love you for it.

2 Write about something that interests you.

If it doesn’t interest you, it won’t interest your reader either. If something made you laugh or weep – or made you think or do something differently – or made you text your mate a photo – blog about it. But only if it’s somehow relevant to your business. We’re all professionals here.

3 Grab my attention NOW.

Put the best bit first. Don’t bury your gems in the third paragraph because I won’t have read that far. Most of us start slow because we need to write a couple of paragraphs to warm up. I often cut my first two paragraphs so my copy starts straight in on the third.

4 Sound like yourself.

A blog – even if you’re blogging for a mega-corporate – is where you have a chat with your readers. The best generate lots of comments. Even better, emails and calls asking to work together. If you sound like a corporate robot no one will want to talk to you, let alone work with you.

5 Be nice to lazy readers.

We’re all lazy readers online so make it easy for us to skim. Use lots of lovely headings. If we like what we skim we may go back and read the whole thing properly.