What does a copywriter do?

What is a copywriter



Herald? Trumpet? Barker? Booster? What is a copywriter?

Mostly people look puzzled when I say I’m a copywriter. If they ask, I add that I write the words for websites, marketing materials, handbooks …

But of course there’s more to it than that. So in case you’ve ever wondered, here’s what a copywriter can do for you:

A copywriter finds out what you want to say, and why. You may not know this yourself yet, so your copywriter will help you work it out.

A copywriter identifies your audience: Who do you want to talk to? What kind of people are they? What do they want you to give them? How do they like you to talk to them?

A copywriter clarifies what you want this particular piece of work to achieve. ‘I need a website’ is too vague – and if that’s all you know, you’ll struggle to find the words for it. Your copywriter will help you think about why you want a website. Is it to raise funds for a new campaign? To sell a new service? To make you stand out from your competitors? The more specific the better.

A copywriter finds out who you are. We’re the ultimate brand experts because we can only write in your voice if we know who you are. If you’re not sure why you and your colleagues get up every morning to do the things you do, you’ll struggle to persuade anyone else it matters. So if you’re a bit puzzled, or your board doesn’t agree about what’s important to your business, ask a copywriter to come and ask some difficult questions. It’s one of the best bits of our job.

Once we’ve worked out what you want, who you want to talk to, and who you are, we’ll find the right words for you. That’s almost the easy bit.