I’m a copywriter and
communications specialist…

…but my clients call me Sarah because
communicating is all about getting to know each other well.

I could talk about brand, audience, key
messages and tone of voice because they’re all important.
But what it boils down to is that the better I understand you,
the better your copy will be.

I’m based in Tunbridge Wells and work with local,
national and international charities and businesses. Over 25 years I’ve built up a network of designers, web developers, printers,
photographers and illustrators.

Working together we can communicate anything.

I'm also an author.

“Thanks again for the brilliant work on these factsheets. We’ve had so much positive feedback already …!”

Rebecca, Birthrights

“Over the years we have used many, many different copywriters and whether it was through poor choice or bad luck we’ve never had a writer that we were entirely happy with – until now! The copy for FSP was written confidently and with understanding, resulting in a set of words that was exciting, informing, welcoming and full of energy.

You also delivered them on time, without panic, with minimum fuss and pretty much spot on. You then listened to the suggestions for amends, and thankfully didn’t always slavishly follow what was said but instead found new ways to convey the sentiment. That kept the copy fresh and contemporary, which is crucial to us as an agency. The final words captured the mood of the brand exactly which is no easy task, especially considering the time pressures. Well done Sarah, your contribution was awesome.”

David Norton, Anderson Norton Design