Looseleaf clients come in all shapes and sizes

from global corporates to kitchen table charities.

  • How to Thrive


    How to Thrive had a website that they didn’t love because it was just too wordy and confusing. We started out by identifying exactly who they were and what they did, and from there I created content for their site that made it easy for them to sell their services.

    “It has been a pleasure working with you. It’s great that we now have a set of words to use in different places, and the process itself was extremely helpful.” Lucy Bailey, Head of How to Thrive

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  • North South Wines


    North South Wines is the new kid on the sometimes fusty wine block. They asked me to create copy for their Independent and Impulse wine catalogues that would shout their excitement about their wines and their non-traditional approach.

    NSW’s copy sounds just like they do: “We love all the wines in our portfolio so much that we drink them ourselves. In fact, that’s our fundamental rule. We choose only wines for you that we can’t resist taking home to share with our friends and family.”

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  • August Equity

    Private equity house

    August Equity wanted their website to sound different from other private equity houses because they’re real people, not calculators.

    The focus of the site is on August Equity’s relationships with their businesses, and of course on their expertise. Like the team at August, it sounds confident, knowledgeable and friendly.

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  • Funeral Services Partnership


    FSP is a fast-growing network of funeral directors and needed to establish a clear identity in a highly competitive market – I created their website and print materials, with Anderson Norton Design

    “The copy for FSP was written confidently and with understanding, resulting in a set of words that was exciting, informing, welcoming and full of energy.”
    David Norton, Anderson Norton Design

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  • Thare Machi Education


    TME spreads health information to some of the world’s poorest people. This single leaflet both promotes its work and attracts supporters.

    “We approached Sarah to help us sharpen the wording of our literature: she drafted pithy prose and a catchy slogan which, combined with great graphic design, has given us a much more attractive profile. In fact we’ve used Sarah’s wording in numerous subsequent funding bids and newsletters.”
    Stephen Clarke, Thare Machi Education

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  • Sense


    Sense regularly commissions me to research and write about issues facing deafblind people.

    “I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah Butler as a researcher, writer and editor. She approaches her work with professionalism, sensitivity, flair and a keen eye for the needs of the client. Sarah is also very good at building a rapport with our service users, families and professionals and always delivers well-written, interesting copy on time and to budget.”
    Colin Anderson, Editor, Talking Sense

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  • Helen Sanderson Associates


    Think About Your Life delivers online interactive tools to help people think about and cope with serious health challenges – I planned the website, found a team, created the copy, and managed the project.

    “You’ve been a joy to work with. Thank you for your attention to detail, skilful negotiation and tenacity.”
    Helen Sanderson

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  • The Guardian

    National Newspaper

    The Guardian’s Saturday magazine commissioned this feature about homesharing from me and photographer Mike Pinches

    “Excellent article which allows those participating to have their say.”
    “Lovely story! Always nice to hear about young people helping out rather than causing riots, etc.”
    Comments on The Guardian’s website.

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Some Looseleaf clients

  • Age Concern (now Age UK)
  • Anderson Norton Design
  • August Equity
  • Blind Veterans UK
  • Cristal
  • Eaton Square School
  • Green Owl Toys
  • The Guardian
  • Healthwatch England
  • Helen Sanderson Associates
  • How to Thrive
  • Imperial College Business School
  • Independent Vetcare
  • Lyceum School
  • Mildmay Hospital Friends
  • Minerva Education
  • NFP Consulting
  • North South Wines
  • Nuru Agriculture
  • Nash Design
  • The National Autistic Society
  • NCVO
  • The Pharo Foundation
  • Sense
  • Skein Brands
  • Sonnet Care Homes
  • Spencer du Bois
  • Solidarity Sports
  • St Mungo's Broadway
  • Tara Arts
  • Thare Mache Education